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All I ever wanted
Yikes, it's been a while since I last posted! Anyway, I have finally typed up chapter 2.5 of the still untitled Saiyuki sci-fi romp and present it now for your pleasure. Contains descriptions of murder and bravery.

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[Extract of file PB147269-0108A: Initial Report made by Dr. Cho Hakkai upon recovery by the Bureau]
[Time stamp: 19:49 29/10/2099]

-Transcript Start-

Interrogator: Principal Investigator Genjyo Sanzo ID:K0031
Subject: Dr. Cho Hakkai

GS: Let’s begin Dr. Cho. Please Recount the events of October 25th 2098 in as much detail as you can. We can then corroborate the details against those found at the scene; anything you can tell us, however insignificant it may seem, may tell us a lot about your assailants.

CH: My… abduction took place on October 15th 2098 at about twenty to one, during the lunch hour. I was in my lab on the third floor of the Bioinformatics and Biotechnology building on the campus of Tsinghua University. With me at the time were two of my team, my student Mr. Patel Surinam and assistant Miss Kee-Ho Yun at the bench as well as Dr. Hao Pian who was at her bench closer to the door – the fourth row in, we were at the sixth – and professor Murakami Robert who was in his office adjoining the lab. Everyone else from our lab was at lunch, but my two team members had wanted to discuss some results so we stayed behind. I’m not sure exactly what Dr. Hao was working on; professor Murakami I believe was working on a grant application.
I was first aware of something wrong when we heard a commotion outside, as the windows were open and the lab is on the south side of the building, facing the courtyard at the front. I heard screams and moved to the window at about the same time the security blinds started to come down. They stopped halfway down and the lights flickered but didn’t go out.
Professor Murakami came out of his office when the blinds started to go and asked us what was going on; Suri – that is, Mr. Patel – was already at the window and said that there were people with weapons outside and that everyonewho was out there was running away from the building. He said some people weren’t moving. I suppose they had already been killed. There was a lot of screaming by this point and Robert suggested we should call the emergency services – he went to his office to use the phone whilst the rest of us went to the windows.
It didn’t take long for the university security to join the building security, but the attackers gained entry to the department and we could hear the commotion inside the building. We heard shots being fired indoors and I suggested we move to a place of safety. We quickly decided to head to the rear stairwell – Robert was back with us now – and collect anyone else from the other labs as we went. You can actually move through our lab to the office space next door and the lab after that without needing to use the corridor, so we thought we might get far enough undetected for it to work.
Suri was the first to think of taking up a weapon; he was already wheeling the liquid nitrogen container over to the lab entrance, where he did something to make a makeshift trap that would douse anyone who opened the door. Yun had already grabbed a clamp stand from the benches nearby and Dr. Hao had run over to the dissection area, perhaps for the scalpels. Robert was already protesting that we could be making ourselves targets by having weapons, but Suri had returned with a bottle of concentrated sulphuric acid. I remember quite clearly that he said “No-one outside had a weapon and some of them are dead now.” None of us knew, of course,  that the most dangerous place to be was in my presence…

GS: How long had all of this taken?

CH: Oh, not long. Maybe about ten minutes? No, fifteen – Suri had set up his trap and we had stood by the window for a little while, plus Robert made the phone call so it must have been close to one o’clock by this point. In fact, we had taken too long, because there were shouts along the corridor on our floor and we realized we didn’t have much time. Robert and I began hurrying everyone towards his office to start through to the next room, but our lab was the first door on the corridor so we weren’t quick enough. The door sounded like it was kicked – it set off Suri’s trap and there was a lot of shouting whilst the terrorists were trying to figure out what had happened. Robert had Dr. Hao by the arm and had pulled her into the office already, but Yun had gone further down the lab and away from us – she was getting the back-up units for our data and I ran to get to her. If necessary, I would have gone with her through a different office and joined the others.
Someone shouted for us to stay still; I turned around and there were five people coming through the nitrogen cloud, two on the floor were covered in frost and one wasn’t moving. Only three of those still standing had guns. The rest were youkai and had blades or just their talons. Two were women – one human, one youkai. The tallest youkai was at the front and it was him who had shouted. I thought we were going to be shot right then, but he looked at me and smiled instead, saying something into a communications mic that I couldn’t hear, though I recognized my name. I realized that I didn’t have a weapon, although at least Yun behind me had her stand. I couldn’t see Robert or Dr. Hao so they were either in his office or out into the office beyond. I remember hoping they would keep running and not come back. I could, however, see Suri – he was crouching under a bench right by the aisle. He had his acid.
There was a reply to the leader, because there was a tiny voice from a small speaker. Suri was closer than us, at the third bench, so he could hear what was being said. He looked frightened and looked at me and Yun like he was trying to tell us something. He unscrewed the cap from his bottle, but I couldn’t do or say anything without giving him away. The leader nodded to his flanking soldiers and said “Now Dr Cho, if you would be so kind as to come with us? If you come nicely, mayber your pretty girl needn’t suffer, yes?” I don’t think he could see Yun’s weapon, so he probably thought it was just us and we were unarmed. He didn’t say anything about the two men we had cost him. I asked him where we would be going, but he just said “You’ll see.” And gestured two of his soldiers forward. It was the youkai woman and a human man with a gun. I asked if they would leave everyone else unharmed if I came with them voluntarily and he nodded, so I told Yun to stay behind me and keep her stand hidden.
It would have been fine then, I think, if Suri hadn’t taken his chance when the soldiers drew level with him to jump out and throw acid at them. The woman was closest and she took almost all of the hit. She screamed and scrabbled at her face where he’d caught her, but the man with the gun was behind and too close for Suri to get away. He shot him in the shoulder first and Suri dropped the bottle, covereing the floor in acid. The youkai woman kept on screaming and the leader was shouting too, but I heard what Suri said clearest.

GS: What did he say?

CH: He said “They’ve taken your sister.” Then he was shot in the chest. Three times. [nondescript sounds]

GS: When you’re ready, Dr. Cho.

CH: Yes, my apologies. After that I thought the soldier who shot Suri would shoot us too, he looked so angry, but more soldiers came and restrained him. In fact, another set of soldiers must have arrived because there were enough now to take away the injured woman and guard the door as well as restrain the gunman. Again, the leader didn’t seem at all concerned for the welfare of his team. He actually walked right past them all to us. I could hear Yun tensing behind me and the leader eyed her before speaking. He said something in a language I didn’t understand. She said something back, angry. He held out his hand and demanded something, probably the datapack she was holding. I remember her determined face, one hand clutching the datapack and the other holding the clamp just out of sight. Everyone was listening, waiting for her reply. She said nothing, but the sound of the data pack fizzing and popping in her hand as she destroyed it was loud enough.

GS: Wait, she destroyed it? How?

CH: My apologies, I had forgotten to mention it – Yun was an unusually talented youkai; se could easily have plugged the datapack into one of her ports and sent a voltage through to fry the circuitry. There were larger, more secure backups offsite, it just prevented the terrorists getting any data from the lab itself. She was very brave.

GS: I see. She could generate electricity, not just manipulate it like most youkai. Do you remember any of what they said?

CH: No. I didn’t recognize it as a Chinese youkai language. It must have been a Korean one. I only know the Chinese.

GS: Hn, very well. Continue.

CH: … The next movements happened very fast. The leader made a grab for one of us, but Yun must have shoved me out of the way, into one of the open side offices. I heard one or two impacts, so she must have landed a blow with her weapon. When I looked round she was defending the office entrance – they were moving very fast and I knew I didn’t have much time, so I made for the door to the offices beyond. Something crunched behind me and Yun shrieked but I didn’t look round. The door was locked. I was looking for something to break it open when Yun’s body hit the door beside me. She was badly injured, bleeding from a wound to the chest. Sje started to get up, but he stabbed her with some sort of sharp, blade-like growth from his forearm which hadn’t been there before. There was blood everywhere.
She… stopped breathing then.

GS: Then you were taken away?

CH: Yes. They didn’t do anything with the bodies. We walked through Suri’s blood on the way out. Past bodies in the corridor and down the rear staircase to the back of the building where there was a van waiting. We left immediately.

GS: We recovered Miss Kee-Ho’s bio-data storage chip after your abduction Dr. Cho. Miss Kee-Ho had the foresight to commit this incident to it. The language they spoke in was indeed youkai Korean; the leader was offering her an opportunity to join their army. To work for them and be part of the new Shangri-La they were going to create; a land for youkai.
She told them her allegiance lay with you and the better world you were already creating.

CH: … Thank you.

- End Transcript -

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Apologies for the lateness in posting this guys - had a busy weekend last weekend, and so achieved nothing save monumental tiredness from playing with friend's children ALL DAY LONG and then failing to sleep ALL NIGHT LONG. Bonus was watching the film Cloud Atlas, which I would recommend to anyone who likes meaningful films with a bit of everything plot-wise.

But returning to sci-fi, I have further offering for the still untitled somewhat-epic that has taken over my brain. Chapter two under the cut below :)

Chapter 1Collapse )
Chapter 1.5Collapse )http://purpleicicles.livejournal.com/31133.html

The Bureau for the Investigation of Technology Crimes was known internationally as the pinnacle of crime prevention organizations...Collapse )


          The Bureau for the Investigation of Technology Crimes was known internationally as the pinnacle of crime prevention organizations. It employed the best programmers, hackers, detectives and scientists to detect and catch criminals who wanted to use technology or biology in ways disapproved of by international law. It’s agents served to protect the public and their country from cyber crime, tech-virus threats and everything in between. Thanks to them, Shangri-La was safe and peace was the norm.

          Genjyo Sanzo, one of the best agents the Bureau had, wanted everyone in his immediate vicinity to die right the fuck now. The coffee machine was broken, he had a headache and he had a meeting with the Head Bitch in fifteen minutes; unless one of his agents came up with some sort of development soon he had absolutely nothing new to report to her.

          He hated jobs involving bio-terrorists. Unfortunately, the biggest and most dangerous terrorist group in fifty years was upping its game on his watch and wouldn’t be so kind as to clumsily reveal their HQ location, leak some data or helpfully blow itself up. Fuckers. The worst part was that they were so close to solving the whole problem – the group had raided a university town in the neighbouring province just over twelve months ago, slaughtering university security and students alike to gain access to their Bioinformatics and Biotechnology building. Missing from the dead was the renowned bio-programmer Dr. Cho Hakkai. Subsequent investigations revealed that his sister has also disappeared, kidnapped by armed individuals at the same time as her brother. He didn’t have high hopes for the girl and six weeks ago had his hunch proved correct when satellites monitoring potential terrorist locations photographed a serious incident – arriving at the location himself, the charred body of Cho Kanan was shown to have been beaten and probably raped, most of the terrorists and captives dead, but no Dr. Cho. Further examination of the compound had yielded useful data, but the good doctor could not be located. The one man who could explain the fucked-up virus they had recovered data on and tell them what the terrorists had planned was missing.

          This is what you get for lax CCTV standards in the middle of buttfuck-nowheresville, Sanzo thought savagely, massaging his eyes with a free hand. One base located, few leads on where the HQ is or how they keep releasing waves of malicious broadcasts to turn normal youkai insane, or what they’re trying to achieve with this virus. He glanced at the clock. Five minutes. Fuck. Sanzo’s monitor bleeped, rousing him from contemplating the deaths of the top tiers of the Bureau’s leadership team should they comment on how little progress he was making. Lazily, he tapped the screen so his fingerprint would allow him access to whatever it was that wanted his attention now. Email. Hmph. Probably one of his agents making big news out of nothing. Again. He opened his email window out of apathy more than anything else.

          What he saw made his month.

          “I hope you have a good reason for making me wait, darling.” Gods, five seconds and he already wanted to kill the old hag. Kanzeon Bosatsu was the celebrated head of the Bureau but Sanzo personally thought it was blowjobs and bluster that got her the job. Her sole talent in life appeared to be delegation and her only purpose was apparently to piss him off. Eyes a much darker purple than his own regarded him sharply from behind a folder held aloft in a red-nailed hand. Kanzeon smirked and flicked long dark hair over one shoulder. “But then my little sunshine, you don’t usually fail to impress.” Ugh, okay, I’m blonde, I know. He hated how she always referred to his looks every time she saw him. Creepy old drag queen. How her secretary put up with her he’d never understand.

          “I’m sure you’ve already heard,” Sanzo gritted out “That there have been some developments in the terrorist case.”

“But of course.” Kanzeon smiled indulgently. “And I’m on tenterhooks to hear your assessment, Principal Investigator Sanzo.”

Turning to hide his grimace, Sanzo opened a panel in the wall and activated the silico-LCD display directly opposite the desk. Flicking the necessary switches, he pulled out an extending cable from the recess and plugged it into the data stream port embedded in his neck. A satellite photograph appeared on the screen, the majority taken up with a huge black scar across rugged terrain.

“This is the photograph taken by satellite 00014-R37 six weeks ago, when an underground terrorist base was destroyed.” Sanzo began, “As you know, we recovered data on a tech-virus from the site that was being engineered in labs at the site, presumably by the captive Dr. Cho Hakkai. No live virus was recovered due to the fire that destroyed the base, and the area has been monitored for viral contaminant since. Dr. Maoh, meanwhile, has been working on the virus; she estimates it is around 70% complete, but cannot be sure due to numerous conflicting data sources. Apparently much of the code is comprised of youkai code and insertion sequences, but there are several versions of the virus with different content and varying insertion methods. Little solid evidence of the eventual aim and viability of this virus exists and the purpose is largely conjecture. Many of the code-genes are for traits most youkai already have, and so would merely boost their natural capabilities. There is also evidence of work on a computer virus geared towards hacking high-security computer systems, but it is incomplete and seems to have originated elsewhere – “

“Yes, yes.” Kanzeon interrupted, a bored look on her face. “I know all this, darling. What’s new?” Sanzo sighed quietly. The image on the screen changed to a mountainous region. “This is Houtou Mountain, near Tashamu in the province of Tibet. In the last ten minutes I received communication from my men on the inside that over the last sixteen hours a large number of terrorists have suddenly been called to a hitherto unknown base at this location. They tell me a great number of their forces have been tasked with assembling a large quantity of high-grade technology, indicating that we are likely to see a large-scale terrorist event soon.

Until now, small communities across the country have suffered attacks from local youkai whose natural behaviours have been subverted by what people have started calling a ‘minus wave’. This brings on a state of acute rage manifested by violence and appears to be caused by temporary antenna constructs the terrorists move around to cause disruption and conceal their true location. Recovered antennae seem to be broadcasting a recording of a looped wave profile. We suspect a larger source profile may exist as the two antennae recovered had similar but different recordings.

It appears that the rage state is induced by the wave profile by means of an encoded data package designed to bypass the security software in bio-data storage chips, allowing a second code to be downloaded into the chip without the owner’s permission. It is this second code that is causing the rage in youkai; their physiology of metallo-neurons allows more complete integration of these chips than in humans and creates a weakness that the second code exploits. It causes some of these neurons to misfire, suppressing brain structures like the limbic system and areas of the prefrontal cortex, which control aggression and executive functions governing emotional expression. As a result, youkai become aggressive and unable to control the urge to commit violence on anyone nearby. Youkai with type-3 chips or older are affected, as are some humans, who complain of pressure headaches. We suspect these chips have been targeted because their owners are poorer and unable to afford security upgrades for their chips. My agents at the Houtou compound have confirmed that antennae with a much larger broadcast rage are being constructed there.

Well, Kanzeon certainly didn’t look bored anymore. “Your recommendation?” Her tone was clipped. Not a good sign.

“To immediately make available to users of type-3 and older chips free security software upgrades to prevent them from being affected.” Sanzo replied. What other option did they have? “I would also suggest it is time to put aside infiltration and subterfuge and launch an aggressive recovery mission to prevent that broadcast from being made. I also have concerns about this virus – there is clearly more intended by this insurgent group than mere chaos if they are trying to beef up their soldiers; we need their data and we need to stop them. It is also likely their leader is there – if we can get hold of him we stand a much better chance of removing this threat permanently.”

Kanzeon was nodding. “What about the negative-phase wave profile we developed to negate the minus wave broadcast?”

“The MATEN wave? If you’re asking if we could deploy it and prevent the minus wave’s effects, then I suppose it’s possible. Dr. Marshall has done his best to create a profile that counteracts the known and theoretical elements of the broadcast.” But without a complete broadcast to go on we’ve got little confidence it would work, Sanzo thought grimly. Kanzeon was quiet, tapping a knuckle lightly against red lips.

“How confident re you in the MATEN?” She asked quietly.

“Dr. Marshall is confident; the programme he has written for it has an AI of it’s own to try to adapt to any changes to the broadcast in real time and counteract them.”

“But do you trust his program?” Purple eyes bored into his.

“Unless we get new data, I’ve got no choice.”

Kanzeon leaned forwards and rested her elbows on the desk. Interlacing her fingers underneath her chin, she graced Sanzo with a smile sharper than a box of snake fangs.

“Then I have a little prezzie for you – from an old friend.”

Noisy. The last few times he’d woken it was very noisy. Just beyond his cell wall he could hear clicks, screeches, whirrs, banging, yelling. No-one came in except for the no-eyed man. The no-eyed man frightened him; he was gentle with his words, making soothing noises and whispering nice things, but his hands were cold and hard and reminded him of snakes. And he never let him out. He wouldn’t make the pain stop.

Please… make it stop.

Hakkai woke up feeling groggy. The downloads always took it out of him, but Gojyo assured him he was recovering quicker each time. He looked pretty pleased when he said it; like a proud parent. I guess he is in a way, Hakkai mused. He’s spent hours writing all this code for me and hoping it’ll work. I know how that feels. Hakkai thought of all his friends and students and felt a pang of guilt. I’m sorry, I can’t return just yet. I will not put anyone else in danger. I have a job to do. His plan was simple – get Gojyo’s anti-AI code into the terrorist’s computer systems and prevent it from ever being used, then find and destroy everything related to the viruses he had created. Hakkai didn’t know how much progress had been made on the viruses since he had escaped, but he knew he was part of a larger picture. If Gojyo could hack the system and implant his patch…

“Oi, what’s with that serious face?” Gojyo had padded in with some tea. “Figured you’d wake up soon.” His smile was so charming Hakkai almost forgot that the man in front of him had admitted to hacking businesses and establishments on behalf of his employers. Proposing his plan was risky, but if Gojyo was onside…

“Gojyo?” Well, no time like the present.

“Hm?” Gojyo looked up from pouring tea.

“I have a proposition for you,” Hakkai said, turning to lie on his side on the narrow bed. “But I’m not sure if you’ll… approve, exactly.”

Red eyes widened almost comically. “Umm, ‘kai I’m flattered and all, but you’re not totally recovered yet and –” What on Earth was Gojyo talking about? “- mean it’ not like I don’t find you attractive, but don’t you think –”

“I meant I have a plan to stop the AI program I carry from being used by terrorists to bring down the Government and possibly civilized society with it, Gojyo.”

“- completely awesome and… wait, what? Oh! Right, yeah. That. Um.” Gojyo had the good grace to look sheepish. “I knew that.”

Hakkai smiled gently. “Well,” Gojyo continued, “I was kinda hoping you’d say something like that actually, because I know a few people who could help us with that sort of thing…”

Hakkai raised an eyebrow. Oh? Contacts was better than he had hoped for. “Other professionals such as yourself?”

“You could say that.” Gojyo looked somewhat uneasy. Hakkai didn’t like it.

“Gojyo?” He narrowed his eyes, putting a bit of Tone into his voice. Normally that worked. Goyjo cleared his throat. “They are professionals.” He admitted. “As in… the Government?” Hakkai nearly dropped his teacup.

“The Government?!?” He squeaked.

“Honestly, I’d been wanting to tell you for a while, but I wanted to let you heal first and see if we can work on a code to help suppress the AI?”

Gojyo eyed Hakkai nervously. Either he was going to blow his top (and he wasn’t sure he wanted to see that ever), or admit he wanted revenge and accept a job with the Government like he hoped he would. It was about time they let him have a partner he liked, dammit.

“Will they let me avenge Kanan?” Hakkai asked softly.

“Her and half of Shangri-La, buddy.” Gojyo shrugged – who knew how many people’s lives those bastards had destroyed?

“Then… I suppose I have no reason to decline.” Gojyo grinned.

“Come with me.”

Hakkai’s first thought was come where? Surely Gojyo didn’t mean outside? He hadn’t set foot beyond the gate to the track leading back to civilization and potential capture by terrorists. Hakkai had to admit that fear of what lay outside the safe confines of Gojyo’s house was the largest obstacle to setting out on any sort of one-man vengeance mission. With Gojyo – and the Government’s – help, things would certainly be less risky.

Gojyo’s warm hand closed around his eagerly, hoisting him up and shuttling them down the short hallway towards the main living space. From behind, it was easier to scrutinize how human Gojyo looked; with a longsleeve shirt and sunglasses he could pass easily for a normal human. Hakkai had seen the ports lining Gojyo’s arms and spine several times now, and they seemed so natural on that warm golden skin in comparison to his own, which were still pink and healing around the edges. He didn’t understand the pride with which Gojyo displayed them, frequently wearing vest shirts or foregoing shirts altogether – especially as once people saw his hair and eyes it would be obvious what he was.

They were heading into the basement now, which upon arrival was very… boring. At least there was finally some evidence that Gojyo knew what laundry was as there was an old washer in the corner with some rickety clothes-horses displaying Gojyo’s appalling taste in underwear. Boxes of old technology and some dated furniture occupied most of the space under the stairs and spilled out to encroach on the laundry area, leaving most of the floor a sort of no-man’s-land between the useful and the useless.

Above it all was an old-fashioned angle-poise lamp, all curves and springs, artfully mounted on the ceiling to illuminate the chaos below. Gojyo must have installed it; most people weren’t tall enough to reach it.

Gojyo released his hand at the bottom of the stairs, turning to the immediate left of the stairway to face the wall.

“If we ever get searched, some idiot will probably stand right here guarding the stairs.” He grinned. Palming the wall at shoulder height, Gojyo didn’t outwardly appear to do anything other than blink, yet Hakkai felt a certain… shift in the dank air. Small strands of his fringe swayed in his vision. The lights, when they came on, were startling in their brightness. What appeared to be a plain stone wall was in fact a giant silico-display with a textured upper layer. Underneath the texturing the display was smooth, white-blue lines outlining Gojyo’s hand and both his feet whilst a bar projected across his eyes. Fingerprint and iris recognition, Hakkai thought, wincing a bit as a panel opened to disgorge snake-like wires which plugged themselves into Gojyo’s wrist ports.

“Access two.” Gojyo directed at the wall. More flashing lights; status updates, power usage charts, various indecipherable shapes moving in a sharp staccato dance across the wall. Voice recognition too… very impressive. Apparently satisfied with this data, the display to Gojyo’s right shifted over and a matching hand and foot outline appeared. Hakkai stepped forwards to take his position. Almost instantly scanning bars, loading icons and schematics appeared in front of him. It was quite a shock to see the extent of his own transformation rendered so… honestly; the white outlines of artificial nerves, tech-riddles organ, modified ports and lists of software – his AI and suppressant codes and other data files stored in his bio-data chip – assaulting his vision. The digital twin moved as he shifted, the digital eye onscreen mimicking his new one as he surveyed his changed body. No, perhaps… modified was a better way of thinking about it. He hadn’t noticed the wire jacking into his wrist port, but the data file he received was a flash in his vision, blue white and hexagonal before he directed it to a free memory slot.

Opening it, text began to scrawl across his left eye’s vision – the heads-up display trait he’d had as a human for displaying his data chip files was certainly improved – it read: HI THERE. Hakkai huffed in amusement, glancing across to Gojyo who returned it with a sly smile. Hakkai noted that Gojyo’s digital self was a lot less complicated than his own, largely comprising a list of new codes displayed over and image of some wiring and his radius bones in his arms, which were totally illuminated, along with some of his humerus. It looked pretty extensive, but before Hakkai could read off any details from the display ‘DOWNLOAD COMPLETE’ winked on the screen and they were disconnected.

In front of them the wall retreated then slid aside; the passage beyond was so much like home Hakkai could have cried. White blue lights cast a soft yet bright glow over the dove-grey walls and pale carpet from semicircular brackets on the walls; a living space contained a neat cot with grey sheets to match the walls and a bedside table, the modern lamp shading a clock-weather-news station with a sleek black frame; a fridge dwarfed the small yet functional kitchen area also finished in a monochrome palette and a small pod in the corner presumably contained the facilities. The only real splash of colour was an oversized patchwork blanket thrown over the bed, the squares of mismatched multicoloured fabric a joyous burst of colour in the otherwise clinical room. After weeks of 40-watt lightbulbs, wooden floors and Gojyo’s one tatty sofa it felt like returning to civilization. The only difference was that behind a white wooden slatted screen that blocked the view from down the corridor was an area easily the size of the living quarters that had not only a workbench covered in what could only be described as electric carnage but was dominated by a vast array of silico-display and holo-display screens, keypads and gadgetry, weirdly similar to Gojyo’s room upstairs but neat and crafted like the digital double he’d seen moments earlier.

“The Hub.” Gojyo said proudly, flinging his arms wide to cover the ridiculously small space. “Self-contained and completely isolated from the systems upstairs. They only communicated via me. I could hide out down here for roughly two months without outside assistance, but after that… well, fresh food and water start to be a problem, yanno? Synthetics taste like crap and if I get attacked by hostiles then they’d better not waste my goddamn time waiting me out.” He must have caught the look on Hakkai’s face, because his eyes did that odd softening thing again and he put a hand on his shoulder. “I know it sucks being so far from anything even resembling home,” he said “but it won’t be much longer, ‘kay?” Hakkai nodded, too emotionally jumbled to articulate his thoughts clearly. He thought he’d wanted to get back to civilization, but now he was confronted with it all it did was remind him of the last time he’d seen it, covered in the blood of his assistants as he was dragged from his lab past screaming staff and students who had taken one look at the guns and weapons and fled in terror. Not for the first time, Hakkai made sure he remembered the names and faces of those who never got to flee…

“Sit down.” Gojyo commanded. Hakkai obediently sat. The cup of tea shortly put in his hands tasted stale but it was warm and comforting all the same. Gojyo spun round in his bespoke leather chair to face the assemblage behind him and interlaced his fingers behind his head. “Mornin’ honey.” He chirped. Twenty screens flickered into life.

“The time is fifteen fifty-five, Gojyo.” A wry female voice reprimanded. Gojyo turned to wink at Hakkai conspiratorially. “Women, huh?” he whispered.

“Betty, I’ve brought Dr. Cho Hakkai to meet you today.” He gestured over his shoulder. About five lenses turned Hakkai’s way. There was a pause.

“…Why am I not surprised.” Betty sighed electronically. “The Bureau has been searching for him for weeks and you –”

“Have recruited him.” Gojyo interrupted smoothly. There was another, more pregnant pause.

“Glad to be of assistance.” Hakkai inclined his head respectfully. Several screens flickered into life, dislodging screensavers of motorbikes in favour of diagnostics and images of a blackened forest area.

“Then we must appraise Dr. Cho of the situation. If you would be so kind?” A wire weaved across the floor and poised, cobra-like, within reach. Hakkai set down his tea and jacked in.

“Please begin.”

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... Yes, I need a Title for this thing. Especially as it is becoming a growing project.

Chapter 1 has been edited for science fails (this is what you get for starting a story before doing all the research) and can be found <LJ-cut text="here">http://purpleicicles.livejournal.com/30730.html</LJ-cut>



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1: Investigating Parallel Gene Transfer Between Homo versabilis and Homo sapiens.
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2: Bone Structure and the Localization of Bone Stem Cells during Injury.
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3: The ‘Lazarus Loop’ as an in-vitro Gene Transfer Module Between Homo versabilis and Homo sapiens.
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4: Use of Accelerando vDNA in in vitro Cell Regeneration Using the Lazarus Loop.
            Dr. Cho H., Chen M., Kee-Ho Y., Prof. Murakami R., Nature, Nov 2094.

5: In vitro Studies of the Lazarus Loop in Homo sapiens.
            Dr. Cho H., Chen M., Kee-Ho Y., Dr. Hao P., Prof. Murakami R., Cell, June 2095.

6: Medical Innovations of the Future; Where Will We Be in the Next 20 Years?
           Dr. Cho H., Dr. Hao P., Prof. Murakami R., Nature, July 2095.

7: Applications of the Lazarus Loop in Aiding Cellular Regeneration: A Study.
            Dr. Cho H, Chen M., Kee-ho Y., Prof. Murakami R., Bioinformatics, Dec 2095.

8: The Genetic Mechanisms of Neuronal Regeneration: Rewiring the Body.
           Chen M., Kee-Ho Y., Dr Cho H., Bioinformatics, Feb 2096.

9: Inorganic Compound Integration Mechanisms in Homo versabilis and Their Regulation by TRANS1a-Expressing Cells.
           Chen M., Dr. Hao P., Kee-Ho Y., Patel S., Sato N., Dr. Cho H., Cell, Nov 2096.

10: The ‘Hephaestus Loop’: Adapting the Genetic Legacy of Homo versabilis for Medical Applications.
            Dr. Cho H., Chen M., Dr. Hao P., Kee-Ho Y., Patel S., Sato N., Nature, Aug 2097.
11: In vivo Integration of Metallic Compounds in Healing Neurons in Homo sapiens Using the Hephaestus Loop.
              Chen M., Dr. Hao P., Kee-Ho Y., Patel S., Dr. Cho H., Sato N., Nature, Mar 2098.

Chapter 2Collapse )

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So I’ve been working on a new fic for a little while now and finally got together a draft that I’m happy enough with to post. It’s been a desire of mine for a while to o a sci-fi AU story, and I got inspiration from a few sources to help me along; Tron, Transmetropolitan, a matriyoshka AMV, university studies and my fiance’s interest in computing.

Concrit and comments are treasured as always, as are any spelling/grammar corrections!


Chapter 1Collapse )Hurts. It's the first thought, the only thought he has. Bright flashes of colour in the dim light of the room hurt his eyes. Needles piercing his skin burn and itch. The shackles chafe. Lonely. Hurts. Stop. Pain shudders through his small frame and the sussurus of the tubes connecting him to the blinking machinery sounds too loud in the small cell. His hiss of pain is weak from weeks of screaming and raging - the scratches on the floor from his unfamiliar talons criss-cross in too many layers to count. Its mesmerising pattern soon fades from memory as the rage rears and swamps his mind again. Stop. Please... make it stop.


           Is it over? Is Cho Hakkai's first thought upon waking. The next is that he aches all over. The rest reel by in a kaleidoscope of images, thoughts, smells and feelings as his last few waking hours impress themselves on his consciousness. He's honestly quite surprised he's still breathing. Before he can analyse his feelings on surviving, however, a sharp bleep and a flash of red catch his attention. Turning his head slowly, he endures the cracking of each vertebra in his neck to follow the intrusion to its source.
            Sitting in a very reclined chair - oh, that's terrible for your back, he thinks and almost giggles over how little the postures of strangers matters right now - is presumably a man. It's hard to tell past the glare of screens surrounding him and all the wires poking out from the ports in his... oh. Brief panic sets in when Hakkai realises the other individual is infected and he's back in the compound with those madmen. No, no, no, no carousels round his mind until the figure moves again, turning and hurriedly tapping on one of several keyboards at is workstation. He's shirtless, and the superb view of the man's - oh thank goodness, no labcoat - torso reveals the port connections embedded in otherwise normal flesh, a handsome face furrowed slightly in concentration and a shock of vibrant red hair. Through the haze of cigarette smoke the compound was on fire the screens surrounding the man were slowly scrolling lines of code. From his resting place Hakkai couldn't see the characters clearly; his right eye was covered in something, he noticed, and he couldn't focus very well past his headache either. I want to see. I don't want to see. Just let me OUT. Jerking in surprise at another stab of pain, Hakkai hissed. He felt out of place in his own head, like a stranger was trying to push him out and claim his body for his own.
            When he could focus again, the stranger's eyes were intently fixed on him. He hadn't moved, just looked almost casually, but the stare itself was that of a shrewd man. Carefully, Hakkai unfroze muscles that had tensed up in shock. One by one. The code flickered on the screens. His captor? Rescuer? Enemy? Friend? Kill him? exhaled, a lazy cloud of smoke obscuring his face and haloing his head in the reflected glow of the screen.
            "You feeling okay?" The question was both unexpected and completely natural. Hakkai considered his options - admit weakness and tell the truth or feign indifference? He supposed even in his weakened state the virus could fuel one more killing... How long was it since he had been infected? He remembered being kidnapped when the insurgents came, how they recognised Dr. Cho and threatened harm to his sister if he didn't do as he was told. The virus they had demanded he create for them - a way of creating super soldiers. Take a youkai with the standard parts and codes and give him inorganic compounds in his bones to make weapons, improved stamina, upgraded military codes in his DNA so he could hack high-security systems... the list was endless. The main virus was approximately 82% complete when they had insisted on early stage trials. His protests, apparently, had been disregarded when people with guns had entered the lab and taken the vials. Broken them. Infected him. Now the damn thing was in his body and couldn't be removed. Flesh made weapon. The ability to turn almost any electronic system he touched his own. Worse, the AI programme they had threatened to unleash on him should he disobey had hijacked his mind and taken his desire to escape and run with it. He remembered killing a lot of people. He also remembered how insane and dangerous all the test subjects had become before they had been slaughtered by the firing squad standing at the far end of each subject's room. Waiting for an excuse. Not all of them had been youkai.
            "I've been better." He replied, throat dry. He might have escaped, but much of the lab, the compound, had been destroyed. The only living carrier of his code was himself. Any survivors from the compound must be close behind.
            "I believe it," the redhead said. "I fixed up the worst of your injuries, but you've still been out for two weeks. Your body replaced most of it's own wiring, but your codes were seriously screwed up. I patched what I could, but I couldn't finish the job with you unconscious."
            For the briefest moment, Hakkai's mind felt like it had seized up before revving up to ten times normal speed - He'd seen his code? Healed him? Two weeks? Was he an enemy? A friend? In danger? How much did he understand? He must have known that the code he carried was both military and highly dangerous - the equipment that surrounded him was not that of an amateur yet confusingly he didn't appear to be either youkai or human. A halfbreed, then? Generally, humans and youkai didn't produce children together. One of his parents must have been a carrier of a high-level tech virus, not one of the weaker ones occasionally found in nature. Perhaps the engineered virus terrorists released in Eastern Shangri-La thirty years ago? The military had stepped in and quarantined the infected, but as Hakkai now knew not everyone shows up on the radar.
            "You okay?" The man's concern sounded genuine.
            "I'm... feeling unusual." Hakkai admitted.
            "Still got a bit of a programme hangover, huh?" Red smirked. "That's okay, I prepped a patch for you here." He pointed to the screen he'd been scrutinizing. "It'll get rid of the remaining AI influence - that ought to clear things up a bit."
            "What?!?" The response was, embarassingly, instinctive. This... man had broken the code? What kind of code-engineer was he? Hakkai's sinking suspicion that he was in the clutches of a rogue and therefore dangerous hacker suddenly got much stronger. His captor held his hands up in a display of innocence.
            "Dude, don't worry - whatever you got downloaded, it's incomplete. And this tech-virus you caught has made some... alterations to your code, but it helped you heal too. With my patch and some meds, you'll get on just fine. Don't worry - it won't kill you or anything."
            "Who are you?"
The man gave him a cocky grin. "Me? I'm Sha Gojyo. One of the best tech-doctors out there in these parts." He flicked his shoulder-length hair in a proud bird-like display, some strands catching on the wires protruding from his neck.
            "And you fixed the AI programme I'm carrying?"
            "Sorta. The programme is still there in your implanted bio-link data chip, but I put in some new computer code to neutralise the dangerous bits and kept the useful stuff. Tell you what, you've gotta be from some seriously strong youkai stock - that's some great vDNA you've got there. With the strength of the AI programme you wouldn't have made it without strong enough neuron-repair genes to prevent serious brain damage."
            Hakkai's heart sank. So the virus had integrated into his DNA. Only youkai carried such genes. Science called youkai genes vDNA; Humans carried hDNA and sometimes a little bit of natural vDNA which piggybacked on their cells' replication systems like a virus. Sometimes people carried artificial loops, manmade vDNA for useful traits like stronger bones, improved eyesight and better smell, but they were always distinguishable from the native hDNA of the host. If what Gojyo was telling him was true - and there was little doubt he was wrong if Hakkai was lying here alive and mostly sane - he now genetically appeared to be a naturalized youkai. Shit.
            "Then I am indebted to you." Hakkai shoved the words out of his mouth with some effort. I should be dead. I want this to be over. No point in antagonising his keeper if he should choose to give him the end he craved. Strangely, Gojyo grimaced instead of adopting the contrite mask he expected. "Didn't do it for any debt, man." Cigarette. Those will kill you if I don't. "Just didn't want to walk away." Ah, he had passed out by the roadside then. Should have left me to die.
            "Anyway," Gojyo continued. "I'll upload this last patch and that should be it - bye bye weirdness." If only, Hakkai thought before Gojyo turned to his display and typed the execution command that would start the upload. An old-fashioned loading bar appeared. Hakkai almost laughed. It probably shouldn't surprise him that the programs Gojyo was using were a mix of old and new - none of the screens matched one another, the keyboards were in different shapes, sizes and languages; even the wires Gojyo was hooked into were of varying quality. Some were an outright electrocution risk, for goodness sake.
           Roasty toasty, the nasty voice in his head commented as the machinery started humming. Hakkai ignored it as best he could, focusing instead on the tangle of wires surrounding his sickbed. Most went into Gojyo, but a few thick cables snaked their way across the floor - carpet? Tile? Hard to tell in this light- and behind the headboard. A weight on the bed to his left proved to be one such cable, which he recognized as a biodata downloading cable, attached somewhere to his head on the left so it could be directly wired into his bio-link data chip. Hakkai tried no to think about the tech-ridden corpses back at the compound - how the machinery had spread across their faces with the spread of the virus, consuming flesh and nerves to transform into plates of metal, display screens, wires, ports and plugs. Brief panic seized him again when he remembered that Gojyo had said something about injuries and replaced wiring and oh God, I'm not human anymore.
            Experimentally, Hakkai held up one hand. His fingers looked fairly normal, but were tipped with long and oddly shiny talons. Ports for various cable connections lined the outer edge of his forearm and the ones he had had implanted before looked more integrated into his flesh. A fine tracery of wiring caught the light on his skin; an oddly elegant pattern of cold mathematical angles connecting various ports and running up his arm and under his shirtsleeves.
            "This might be a bit unnerving." Interrupted Gojyo. The question in Hakkai's throat died there as his left ear hummed viciously and he was almost thrown back into the pillow by the rush of computer code entering his brain. A digital scream tore through the current of information as the AI from the virus was locked down, three concentric silver rings surrounding the red burst of the enraged viral data before they clamped together, sealing it off from the rest of his mind.
            It ended as suddenly as it began; Hakkai's vision calmed and cleared slowly as he lay panting against the sweaty sheets. Gojyo was moving again, but he felt too weak to turn his head and watch him. Happily, Gojyo soon hovered into view above him. He smelt of stale sweat and cigarettes.
            "Better now?" Up close, his eyes were as red as his hair and glittered with gold wiring that would be harder to see from farther away. Weakly, Hakkai pushed sodden hair from his one uncovered eye. "I'm not human anymore." He said shakily. Almost immediately he wished he hadn't - saying it aloud made it more real somehow. Gojyo's expression softened to an almost kindly expression. "I know," he replied quietly. "I'm sorry." The gentle words followed Hakkai down into unconsciousness.

Wakefulness occurred in fits and starts over the next few days, Hakkai gradually learning how to move without aching and exist without thinking too much. It seemed Gojyo had some form of emotional radar on him; he was there without fail every time he awoke, often plugged in to his work station. Thus far, Hakkai had seen the bedroom, the bathroom and a kitchen/living room. He had no reason to suppose there was any more to Gojyo's house, apart from a weed-choked garden he'd glimpsed from the window on a trip to the bathroom and perhaps a basement; he was pretty sure he'd heard footsteps on a stairwell a few times.
            It was a bit of a shock to realize just how far out from the cities Gojyo's house was; when he was well enough to move around himself, Hakkai often found himself sitting on the narrow terrace at the front of Gojyo's house, staring at the weeds in the garden, the lack of striplights at the edge of the track leading up to his house, the shabby fence instead of a lightbarrier and glass windows instead of translucent silicone displays. He was surprised there was indoor plumbing and Gojyo wasn't getting his water from a well. Rural locations were always so... untidy compared to even a modest village, where the roads would at least be metalled to prevent damage to vehicles.
            The base where he was being held prisoner couldn't be too far away from here, but amongst the dense vegetation he could see why they hadn't been found. In the evenings, the distant bio-dome of the next nearest village glowed blue-white, obscuring the stars in that part of the sky. The next nearest city was a less intense glow over the horizon. Hakkai supposed it was the golden dome of Chang'an, but hadn't asked Gojyo yet. He knew he'd have to leave soon, but finishing his convalescence took priority for now. His injuries had largely healed; the faint tracery of wiring over his skin had faded, leaving his skin dotted with ports but more like a human with implants than a youkai. His injured eye had apparently been replaced by Gojyo with an artificial one, the shade of green matched almost perfectly to his uninjured eye. A survey in the bathroom mirror had revealed shorter hair, which Gojyo had cropped so he could wire up to the machines, and three silver dataclips on his left ear, which contained Gojyo's repressive codes. "If you need to," he had said "You can take one or two of them off to get the full benefits of your programme. They just keep the AI under control." Hakkai doubted he ever would. "Just keep a lookout for the AI parasite you're carrying - your protection from it will drop without the limiters." Gojyo had warned sternly, the smoke he puffed out with each word accentuating his point. He'd certainly not needed telling twice.
            Gojyo himself had remained largely inscrutable, generally sleeping during the day and working at night and spending time with Hakkai in the overlap in their routines. Hakkai had learnt some card games - and a little about Gojyo - on those nights. Occasionally Gojyo would go out and invite him with, but Hakkai always declined. Those nights were lonely.
            Surprisingly quickly, an easy friendship grew between them. Gojyo apparently had jobs involving either computer programming or editing outsourced vDNA for companies too cheap to employ decent coders, and increasingly allowed Hakkai to help him out with the work "to give you something to do." Gojyo had remarked wryly, something half serious in his eyes as he said it. It seemed to Hakkai that what he largely did was marvel at Gojyo's approach to vDNA coding - it was unorthodox, a mixture of instinct and careful crafting that was a world away from the formalised structures that Hakkai himself had learnt at university. Goyjo had ways of making the code bend around itself, upping the transcription times by exploiting technical loopholes in the ways that organic code worked, squeezing the best from biology almost effortlessly. Hakkai spent many of his first contributions to the process by suggesting a correction and then being shown why Gojyo's way was better. Very infrequently, he made a change that stuck. Sometimes, they would improve Hakkai's AI-suppressant code, uploading better, neater versions which would always make Hakkai need a lie-down after uploads.
            Once or twice Hakkai had removed a limiter when Gojyo was out; perhaps out of morbid fascination, he supposed, or vanity. The sensation of strength was at once pleasant and disgusting. If only he'd had strength like this when he'd really needed it - but he pushed those thoughts away. His sister was gone. The rage and guilt he felt over what had happened in that compound would be ideal material for the crazed AI inhabiting his mind to latch on to. He wished he'd put an amnesia or anti-rage trait into the vDNA virus.

Cho Hakkai wished for a lot of things.

Chapter 1.5Collapse )

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Has anyone else had problems adding memories lately? I'm just getting a box with 'Public', 'Friends Only' or 'Private' options, but no way of adding tags. LJ Help has, of course, been of no use whatsoever. Anyone found any way of getting around this?
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Yay life and all the other things that get in the way of drawing. Sadly, my bus journey is nowhere near smooth enough for full-on drawing, but at least I can make epic doodles that become real pictures later. Hence, this:

Give The Dragon What He Wants (doodle)
 Becomes this:

Give The Dragon What He Wants (unfinished)

(Which is unfinished, but hey, I can share right?)

And this:

Passion Play (doodle)

Becomes this:

Passion Play

Which I am really pleased with :) It's still a little rough, but I like how the hands and face came out. The nose needs a bit of work, so maybe more facial sketches are in order soon.

Have scanned a load of other stuff, but here's a little selection for you, lest I break LJ trying to upload it all:

Another attempt at draconic courtly dress, this time taking inspiration from the Petshop of Horrors manga and Tales of the West Wing, illustrated by Guo Guo.
Gojun Official Attire Idea
Some original characters too; this is Kio (blue) and Kaon (black), a pair of Icelandic dragons that work in a bar/club in Tenkai. Why? Because I say so! They are dancer and barman/bouncer respectively, and a cute couple too. Kaon reminds me of Nemi's squeeze from the newspaper cartoon strip...
Icelandic Dragons Kio & Kaon

Another original dragon character, this time a half-dragon son of a human (maybe) woman. His father is the prince of the cave dragons of India (nagas?) and he has the ability to travel between shadows, a feature his weapon shares which makes attacking him... unwise. He's a sweetheart really, and loves his mama.
Nesshin Character Sheet

And finally a bit of suited Gojun because I was bored one day :)

Suited Gojun (minisketch)

In addition to all of that, been taking inspiration lately from a few sources; Loveless, Anita Blake Vampire Hunter and Alphonse Mucha to name the main ones. That could all combine for a very interesting picture...

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After chatting to lauand the other day about how I never post little ficcy snippets, I had the good fortune of writing something in a sudden burst of creativity and decided to do as I said I would and post it. Naturally, it's a bit porny :)

Concrit is welcome, as always.

Fandom: Saiyuki (Gaiden)
Characters: It's a surprise ;)
Pairings: Kenren x ?
Warnings: NSFW! Also unbeta'd - all mistakes are mine!

There are cushions under his back, scarlet silk and plum velvet, caressing his buttocks like greedy hands...Collapse )

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Reproduced here courtesy of kansouame, because it's ridiculous to have to put up with this crap >:C

Originally posted by moerlin at As of tomorrow, no more subject lines in comments on LJ
I was gonna update this with much happier stuff, but for the past week I've just been so enraged with LJ's asshattery that I've had it to here.

In case you didn't know, on 12/12 they first announced sneakily on the Russian journal of LJ's design guy that with new changes being implemented tomorrow, there will be no more subject lines in comments and that this change was "non-negotiable" (good round-up and translation here). I'm sure you all realize that this will basically make fandom and RP communities unusable. LJ's staff, however, doesn't give a shit. At least 18 pages of 100% negative feedback didn't sway them.

They've backpedaled some and will make keeping comment subject lines optional in some S2 styles, but the default (that 99% of communities are running right now) will decidedly be subject-less! Not to mention that their new and frankly, fucking ugly design will take forever to load and make the site a pain to use on mobile browsers.

And oh, it looks like they might be taking away the drop-down menu to select icons as well, so you'll have to load all your icons as pictures to select them. Lovely. (I will beta-test tonight to see if this is actually true.)

Really, I don't know why I'm surprised. LJ is always fucking with the parts of the site that actually work and breaking them, so this is just another instance of that. Because seriously, who are subject lines hurting by just being there? (And no, it can't be a matter of server strain, considering the new "graphic" interface will definitely be using up more resources - so much fun when there's DDoS attacks!)
As far as I know, they've never once listened to their customers, so those thousands of comments already posted probably won't do shit. I've left a message expressing my concerns about the new comment pages here anyway; so if you want to do that too, go for it! If anything, it helps with the rage. ;)

FYI: Dreamwidth is feeling Christmasy has reacted to LJ's bullshit and has open account creation (no invite codes needed) for the rest of the week. Might be a good idea to get your back-up or new home, whatever the case may be, up and running now.

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rachel_reicheru was kind enough to furnish us with the Gaiden OVA OST a little while back, but to my annoyance the files lacked titles - such is life, I thought. However, Rachel also provided the track listing, for which I am eternally grateful, and which has sucked up hours of my life whilst I tried to translate it! For those of you interested, the track listing is below.

I used Kiki's kanji dictionaryCollapse ), wikipediaCollapse ) and this helpful translatorCollapse ) to do the legwork, having no actual kanji dictionary and little in the way of vocabulary at my disposal ;)

Track names are not literal translations and corrections are welcome!
EDIT: See also randomdiversion's postCollapse )

Track 1
桜(sakura) の(no) 下(shita) で(de) ~ 天界(tenkai) で(de) の(no) 日々(hibi) ~
Underneath the Cherry Tree ~Tenkai Day-to-Day~

Track 2
迫り(semari) 来る(kuru) 哪咤(哪咤[?])
Closer to (Becoming) Nataku

Track 3
叶え(kanae) られ(rare) なかっ(naka’) た(ta) 願い(negai)
To Reach Your Desired Potential
Unfulfilled Wish (Thank you, gokulaav!)

Track 4
斉(hitoshi) 天(ten) 大聖(taisei)
Great Sage Equalling Heaven (Seiten Taisei)

Track 5
竜王(ryuuou) と(to) 金(kimu) 蝉(semi)
The Dragon King and Konzeon

Track 6
金(kimu) 蝉(semi) の(no) 決意(ketsui)
Konzeon's Decision

Track 7
楽園(rakuen) へ(he) の(no) 亡命(boumei)
Exile to Paradise

Track 8
下界(gekai) で(de) の(no) 戦い(tatakai)
Battle to Reach Down Below

Track 9
捲(meku) 廉(ren) と(to) 天(ten) 蓬(yomogi)
Kenren and Tenpou

Track 10
The Promise

Track 11
最後(saigo) の(no) 敬礼(keirei)
Final Salute

Track 12
強行(kyoukou) 突破(toppa)
Forced Entry

Track 13
危機(kiki) から(kara) の(no) 脱出(dasshutsu)
Crisis From Breakout

Track 14
西方(seihou) 軍(gun) 第(dai) 一(ichi) 小隊(shoutai)
Western Army First Division

Track 15
扉(tobira) の(no) 向こう(mukou) で(de)
Beyond the Gate / The Dimension Gate

Track 16

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This week, I realized a dream - I am now the proud owner of a printer/scanner! I've wanted one for years, but have always been too poor to afford one, but even fancy ones like mine now come at pretty low prices. It's an HP Photosmart b110 model and it's gorgeous. One massive upshot of this is that I can now scan stuff pretty soon after actually drawing it, and lo and behold I have some pretties I've been doodling in between working on the family portrait.

pretties!Collapse )

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